Personal Training Testimonials

I have been coming into Vita for more than 4 years. My health and energy levels have greatly increased with all of the trainers at Vita. Running a mile before every training session and increasing speed and strength as my sessions continue.Craig M.

I decided last year, at age 59, that I was going to run my first 5k, the Rock and Sole. I shared this with my trainer Julie, and under her expert guidance, my training began. I questioned whether I could really do it, but Julie never wavered in her support and belief in me. She is my trainer, coach, mentor, and friend. I completed three 5k races last summer, and discovered my inner athlete. I have made a connection between mental and physical toughness in the studio and in a race, and how I live the rest of my life. Working out is a transformative process in ways I could not know when I started. It is not easy to push yourself, but for me the immediate feedback is key. No one can do it for you. I only wish I had started years ago on this journey. Invest the time and effort in yourself, you are worth it. P.s. The whole staff is great.Carla S.